Personal Coaching

CoachingWhat is Coaching?

When individuals perceive a gap between where they are and where they want to be and are committed to investigating that gap, then coaching can provide a unique solution. Coaching is an opportunity to create a trusting and collaborative environment where individuals can develop and perform at an accelerated pace.

In today’s hectic world people feel as if they are heard less and less. Through focused interaction, coaching gives individuals an opportunity to reflect, assess, decide and take action within a “safe” environment.  Coaching comes from the understanding that individuals have the answers already within them. Through guided conversation the path becomes apparent more quickly and clearly.

Coaching is not therapy or counseling. It is not about casting judgment or solving other people’s problems. Healthy coaching relationships are based on respect, objectivity and are centered on honest feedback that is intended only for the betterment of the coachee with the intention of helping them reach their highest level of unique potential. To do that requires the development of a trusting relationship with the coach that occurs over time.  That trust allows for courageous feedback that models integrity and respect.  Structured conversation and focused accountability for tangible action allows for measurable results to occur.


What do People Want to be Coached On?

We specialize in coaching for early careerists, mid-level as well as executives.  Whether you are just entering into the business world or if you have been at it for a while, coaching can benefit you. In today’s world there is no shortage of individual reasons to seek out a coach.  Some common reasons are:


  • Looking to be a more effective leader
  • Going through rapid change within the workplace
  • Increase communication effectiveness
  • Increase ability to influence others
  • Looking for balance in life
  • Want to accelerate future advancement at work
  • Understand how to deal with difficult clients, employees, peers, bosses
  • Better manage time
  • Increase prioritization skills
  • Become more productive at work and home
  • Enhance networking skills
  • Take ownership over career
  • Better understand individual impact on others
  • Take game to the next level
  • Become more effective in team building
  • Understand how to connect on a more meaningful level at home and work
  • Learn to ask for needs or wants
  • Learn how to adapt and be more flexible
  • Learn to be more assertive in a positive way
  • Look at what is holding you back from getting to the next level
  • Become a subject matter expert in your field
  • Chart your own career path and an action plan to get there
  • Learn how to have powerful conversations sooner and more effectively
  • Determine how you are getting in your own way and how to overcome that
  • Create more focus to meet work challenges
  • Define meaningful goals
  • Increase your ability to really listen
  • Learn how to increase your own bandwidth


What’s the Next Step?

Once an individual determines they are ready to invest in themselves and their future, prior to the initial meeting they receive:

  • Welcome Letter- explaining the coaching process
  • Client Data Form- asks key questions to gain a deeper understanding of the individual
  • Coaching Agreement- outlines the terms of the coaching contract
  • Coaching Prep Form- prior to each coaching session the Coachee submits what they want to cover in their next session

In the initial one hour session we will review the above information, establish what the goals are, determine what the coaching contract will be and formulate a schedule for upcoming sessions to get started.  Coaching sessions should be anticipated with excitement, interest and with the anticipation of potential discovery.