Our Vision

Our Vision
Coaching Philosophy

What got me interested in coaching was when I realized I was being approached for advice and counsel on a regular basis. Twenty-five years of having a consulting business as well as being an ENFJ made this happen naturally for me. I decided to take all that experience and knowledge and pursue my coaching certification to formalize that knowledge and deepen my understanding of what coaching truly is.

Create Connections

The whole focus of my practice is centered on creating connection. It is my belief that one of the biggest deficits in organizations today is the inability to really connect with employees in a meaningful way. This is the result of increasing workloads, the advance of technology and generational differences. With help, organizations can learn fundamentals that can aid in breaking down these barriers.

Just in Time Training

This means train when it is meaningful and relevant to the individual. When it resonates with WIIFM (what’s in it for me) it sticks. For example, train for Behavioral Interviewing skills when the team has an immediate need to hire.


Authenticity is sorely lacking in organizations and is the key to connecting with people. I believe people are generally well intended just misunderstood because of their communication style, personality type or their delivery.


I believe that taking a simple direct approach to training is what works best. Not because people are simple, but because the information is much more likely to be retained if you can cut through the noise we all carry in our heads every day. The truth is, it is all about bringing people back to the fundamentals that creates long term success.


Every session should end with giving participants tools they can put into play immediately to make their jobs easier and more effective.

A Happy Workplace

We spend a lot of time at work. The workplace should be a fun, productive place where people work hard every day with relaxed intensity and enjoyment.

Communication is Everything

You can trace back any issue to a breakdown in communication, in one way or another. People can say anything to anyone successfully if that message is delivered appropriately in a way that the other individual can understand.