Our Services

Our Services


 What We Do

Bold Ascent Consulting is a firm specializing in facilitation and coaching services, targeting start-ups to mid-sized organizations. Why? Because we believe the most effective way to accomplish real change within organizations occurs when they are still small.

We specialize in providing customized workshops that speak to the unique culture of organizations. Our workshops are focused in the areas of: soft skills, leadership development, early career and high potential training. Coaching services meet the needs of individuals from early career to executive level.


Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients are open-minded visionaries, progressive thinkers, willing to challenge status-quo, not fixated on the problem but focused on the solution and understand that their people are their most valuable resource. They have a commitment to their talent, from talent acquisition to talent development. They are in it for the long haul.

Our clients aren’t looking for the “quick fix” but are looking to lay the foundation necessary to build solid effective communications cross teams. They recognize the importance of investing in their leaders. They realize people stay for good leaders and leave as a result of bad ones. They want and encourage open, honest dialogue at all levels. Most importantly they know when to ask for help to make this happen.


What Makes Us Different?

We believe the approach that we take in the room is what makes the difference in the learning experience for our participants. We work from the premise that who we are at work is a very small percentage of who we are as individuals.  All of our workshops are built to speak to the individual on both a professional and personal level. Doing this allows integration of the two, which dramatically increases the chance of real change.

It’s not about the PowerPoint, it’s about digging into real issues that are hanging up the team’s effectiveness. It’s about putting it on the table and moving forward.

We strive to create a “safe” environment that fosters trust and a willingness for individuals to share at an honest and meaningful level. We do not believe in doing “superficial” work.   It doesn’t affect change or create lasting shifts in behavior. To do the real work requires vulnerability from the presenter as well as from the participants in the room. We share our own stories of success and lessons learned in an effort to encourage others to do the same.

While our focus is on “Soft Skills” training there is nothing “soft” about learning how to be heard more effectively. To really do this work requires courage, understanding and openness. This is fostered through asking provocative questions, listening and leading individuals through the experience.


What Can You Expect in the Session?

  • A direct, honest, and respectful approach
  • Highly interactive. The real learning comes from everyone in the room sharing and building off of their experiences.  That happens less from lecture and more from activity.
  • Short session. Typical sessions run 1-3 hours max. Less is more for retention purposes. Leadership training does however require a full day to pull people out of their world long enough to take in the message.
  • Fun. Humor is important in defusing defensiveness so the session can move in a positive direction.
  • Engagement. Everyone shares in the heavy lifting during the session. Each person who participates takes ownership of what occurs in the room and contributes to the experience of the session.
  • Results. Laying the foundation for communication skills across all levels ultimately separates functional organizations from dysfunctional ones.
  • Follow-up.  With each session there is a 6-week follow up call scheduled with attendees to ensure accountability and peer-to-peer sharing.