Early Career

early career
Whether you are just one year into the business environment or several, there are fundamental skills you will need to become proficient in if you wish to reach your full potential as a professional.  Below are key sessions to help you get there.


Potential Issue: Having a difficult time keeping up? Today everyone is asked to do the job of two people. In order to survive in today’s business world, time management skills are critical to your success.
Session: Managing Time Effectively
Time: 1 Hour
Learn the core fundamentals of what it takes to master solid time management skills.


Potential Issue: Unsure what the “rules” of the game are in the workplace today?  You are not alone.
Session: Business Etiquette
Time: 2 Hours
Learn the dos and don’ts that can help to ensure your success in business.


Potential Issue: Wondering how to figure out your next career move?
Session: Owning Your Career
Time: One Hour
Today career progression is more like climbing a rock wall than a ladder. Learn what it really means to define your own success in today’s workplace.


Potential Issue:  Have you recently started a new position or is your company undergoing rapid change?
Session: Mastering Change
Time: One Hour
There are real psychological changes that we all go through when dealing with change.  Learn the phases that everyone experiences during times of change in order to effectively navigate to success.


Potential Issue: Is presenting one of your least favorite things to do?  Do you find yourself holding back from speaking up in group settings?
Session: Presentation Skills
Time: 3 Hours
We offer several levels of skills training in this area that range from helping you craft the most compelling presentation to delivering that message with confidence.