Leadership Training

How many times have you seen individual contributor “Rock Stars” get promoted into leadership only to crash and burn?  It happens. Why?  Because the skill required for leadership is a completely different skill set than what it takes to be an effective individual contributor. No one rolls out of bed and knows innately how to be a great leader. It is a learned skill. Leaders tend to undervalue the importance of their role in organizations. Research suggests people don’t leave companies they leave managers. With the war on talent being more fierce than ever, building strong leaders has never been more critical to organizations.


Potential Issue: Have your company’s individual contributors been promoted to first line management roles? Have your mid-level to senior managers never had formal leadership training? Could your contributors or managers just use a refresher on the basics? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Leadership Fundamentals is the right course of training for your company.
Session: Leadership Fundamentals
Time: One Day
Using MBTI or DISC as the foundation, leaders learn to increase their self-awareness, understand the critical role they play within the organization and learn fundamental coaching skills that will help them become more effective in their positions.