Team Workshops

Regardless of whether a team is already high performing or is in need of help getting to the next level, the workshops will accelerate their growth.

Below are some of the sessions Bold Ascent currently offers:

Potential Issue: Have you recently been promoted into a management role or hired in externally?
Session: New Leader Integration
Time: 1 Hour
This session affords the employees a chance to ask questions regarding the new leader up front to lesson anxiety, ease tension and get the team integrated more quickly with each other.



Potential Issue: Looking to enhance communications, improve team performance and increase productivity with newly formed teams, remote teams, or cross functional teams?
Session: Creating Team Connections with MBTI or DISC
Time: 2 Hours
Using Myers-Briggs or DISC offers a baseline understanding for increasing individual’s self-awareness as well as identifying personality differences with a focus on playing to each other’s strengths rather than weaknesses.


Potential Issue: Lack of interpersonal skills is getting in the way of teams effectively “playing nice” with each other.
Session: Increasing Emotional Intelligence
Time: 2 Hours
This session is recommended as a follow up to Creating Team Connections with MBTI or DISC. The session will help individuals pinpoint where their strengths are in their Emotional Intelligence as well as how they could be getting in their own way.


Potential Issue: Looking for creative ways to problem solve or accomplish creative thinking as a team or cross functional group?
Session: Creative Problem Solving
Time: 2 Hours
Through the use of this fun and simple method, groups learn how to focus together collectively so that all voices are heard and all potential ideas are surfaced in the most productive way possible.


Potential Issue: Do you have an organization comprised of a large percentage of early to mid-level careerists? Have you noticed that people are reluctant to ask questions or push back when it is called for? Could your organization use help in learning how to influence cross functionally?
Session: Increasing Influencing Effectiveness
Time: 2 hours
Participants are asked to bring a real world scenario that they are trying to influence. Using the best practices from the session, they will then apply them to their own situations. The goal of this session is for every participant to leave with a way forward.


Potential Issue: Are certain teams struggling to work together in your organization? Do individuals need help to break through possible misunderstandings with cross functional teams?
Session: Breaking Through Our Misperceptions
Time: 2-3 hours
We all have misperceptions that we carry around with us about other teams we work with cross functionally. The goal for this session is to break through some of those misperceptions to reach a higher level of understanding and support for each other. Through interactive group exercises teams will gain that insight which in turn will help everyone to move forward in a more productive manner.


Potential Issue: Do you have teams that are not performing well together due to differences in communication style? Do you have high performing teams working together that are looking to be even more productive?
Session: Fundamentals of a High Performing Team
Time: One Day
This session is recommended for teams who have worked together for at least 3+ months. Prior to the session, each team member completes an assessment of where they believe the team is at. The results are then shared in such a way that open constructive dialogue can take place. The goal for this session is to further develop foundational trust and understanding.