If you stop and think about it, any time there is an issue that arises in the workplace the root of the problem almost always can be traced back to an issue with communication. Today, we find that there are unlimited ways available to us to communicate with the use of technology. These technologies enable us to reach more people faster, however they also afford us increased daily opportunities to make more missteps with our communication. In turn, such missteps can come with greater negative consequences. The need to learn to increase our skills in the area of communications has never been greater.



Potential Issue: Do you see individuals in the organization relying way too much on email to communicate when they should be talking face to face? Do you see conflict arising due to individuals being uncomfortable with having difficult conversations that need to happen for the organization to thrive? Do you see individuals operating more often from a reactive state rather than stopping to ask critical questions? Do you want your employees to learn simple ways to enhance their communication skills?
Session: Communicating for Impact
Time: One Day
This session is appropriate for any individual that wants to understand why they respond and interact the way they do. That understanding is critical. Additionally, through highly interactive exercises the participants will have numerous opportunities to hone their listening skills, their ability to ask meaningful questions and be exposed to a framework that will lessen their angst with having difficult conversations.