Roseanne is an outstanding force in the coaching and learning and development field. She worked with my team and many other teams in our company (Dotomi, then ValueClick and finally Conversant Inc), through massive organizational change and hyper growth. She single-handedly put together all of our training and development materials for everything from early career to advanced management training and delivered most of it herself (is she a super-human? yes!) all while building a fantastic high performing team under her so that she could scale her functional expertise as the company grew. Roseanne is an expert at scaling and applying high quality training and development for anything from a startup to a 1,500 person company but she also has the rare skill of being able to touch and create lasting change for individuals within an organization in a one on one capacity. I have witnessed first-hand and heard from my employees and people across our organization of Roseanne’s individual coaching sessions for key people, again, from early careerists to very experienced managers (including myself). She always finds the time to invest and advance the business. Roseanne is a person of the highest integrity. She is self-motivated, never procrastinates, and always keeps the energy up and flowing. She is a positive force with an uplifting attitude.  Roseanne can customize her work to any category of business and quickly learned our business from the inside out to the point where she was “one of us” within less than 30 days from her start date. When Roseanne left Conversant to start her own company again there was not one person who didn’t mourn her leaving. She is a fire starter, her energy is infectious and her direct communication style and deep knowledge of the materials she conveys are invaluable. She can have the difficult conversations that matter to the business with anyone at any level of an organization.  I will continue to work with Roseanne for my personal and professional development and would recommend her to any organization and/or individual who wants to get real lasting impact.”

Shatay Trigere
Conversant, Inc.
SVP Creative and Client Services



Roseanne is a true expert in her field. I had the pleasure of working with Roseanne on several team development, leadership, change management and coaching development programmes in EMEA. Roseanne’s ability to positively influence and inspire people is second to none. She adapts extremely well across cultures ensuring the message is clearly understood whilst having a unique ability to encourage people to ‘open up’ and freely express themselves. As a result of Roseanne’s work we saw massive improvements in teams motivation as well as productivity which greatly impacted the business. Companies and Individuals will greatly benefit from Roseanne’s work.”

John Ryan
Orbitz Worldwide
Vice President Europe, Middle East & Africa



“I have had the distinct pleasure of working closely with, participating in, and observing Roseanne regarding all aspects of Executive Leadership Training, Coaching, and Mentoring. Roseanne’s knowledge and experience were apparent right away and her dynamic presentation style, coupled with her energetic personality were infectious. She does a fantastic job of providing sound principles and strategies in a way that allow you to easily identify ways to apply them to your day-to-day business or personal life.” 

Alan Hiscocks
Conversant, Inc.
VP Facilities



“Roseanne is one of the most competent coaches I’ve ever met. Time and again, I’ve observed her build trusting relationships and enable leaders to navigate through a range of work-related challenges. Roseanne possesses a unique combination of empathy and objectivity allowing her to understand issues through the eyes of her clients while having the fortitude to challenge and test their commitment to real change.”

Russell Lobsenz
VP, Talent Management and OD



“Roseanne is one of those rare individuals who always exceeds your expectations.  I specifically recall how impressed I was at the high quality of the coaching workshops she created around MBTI types and presentation skills.  The materials were top notch and she was so knowledgeable about the subject matter that I left each session eager to use the new tools at my disposal.  When you couple that with Roseanne’s passion and genuine desire to help people learn and grow, you have a program that has measurable impact on your organization.  I recommend Roseanne as a learning and development leader who I’d eagerly work with again.”

Chris Cooper
Orbitz Worldwide
Enterprise Architect



“Roseanne has a unique talent to develop/customize her work to fit the client’s objective and then to engage the attendees for a true learning experience that translates to results on the job! In addition, her ability to provide meaningful “1 on 1” coaching is unsurpassed!”

Santo Laquatra



“Roseanne is such a pleasure to work with. As a facilitator, Roseanne has a way of really connecting with her audience which helps them to become completely engaged and wanting to learn more from every training session she provides! Her professionalism and expertise in her field knows no limits for all employees at any level within any organization. Employees are always asking for more training from Roseanne!”

Mari McCabe
Orbitz Worldwide
Sr. Human Resources Manager



“Roseanne brings a creative and fresh perspective to career development and growth opportunities. She relishes tough questions and isn’t afraid to have an opinion, but she knows the end goal is for you to make your own best decisions. Roseanne’s grasp of resources is deep, so expect interesting and fun homework in the form of a book or an article that seems just right for you.”

Jason Williams
Enterprise Data Architect



“I have had the honor and pleasure of attending Roseanne’s classes for over eight years at two separate organizations. She has a style which equally informs and entertains her students, making both her and the material unforgettable. She creates a very honest and compassionate environment in the room allowing the students space to feel comfortable participating in a group setting. Roseanne is incredibly talented, bringing the best out of her students as they learn and grow.”

Lisette Fabian
Gorilla Group
Senior Business Solutions, Ecommerce Platforms



“Roseanne is a highly effective facilitator and trainer. What sets her apart is her ability to take subject matter and make it highly applicable and relevant to teams and individuals. She takes the time to provide people with practical ways to apply knowledge and the tools to make the material meaningful and helpful to those she is working with. There are many things I have learned in one of her sessions that I have been able to use and benefit from on an ongoing basis.”

Liz Robertson
Sr. Manager, Technical Operations



“Roseanne’s ability to deliver general management training to both those who want to grow and those that don’t is amazing. She reaches both groups effectively to deliver results.
Roseanne is one of the best business management coaches I have ever worked with. She was able to help me understand the perspectives of those with different communication styles than that of my own. With her help I was able to get through to my direct reports, and to communicate my ideas to my leadership in ways that best met their communication style instead of me communicating in the way I was accustomed.”

Jim Scott
MapR Technologies
Director, Enterprise Strategy and Architecture



“Roseanne is a problem solver with an innate ability to bring teams together, promote collaboration and constructive discussions.  She is creative, passionate and personally invested in individuals and projects she commits to.  Roseanne excels at facilitating cross-team discussions that lead to creative problem solving and almost always end in discovering unforeseen opportunities and long term wins.  In over three years that I worked with Roseanne, I haven’t seen her encounter a problem she couldn’t address in the most creative, professional way. Roseanne’s true gift, however, is growing talent and inspiring people to be their best. She is a coach and advocate to individuals and teams she works with.  She is encouraging, approachable and always optimistic.  Her enthusiasm and passion is evident through her interactions and commitment to personal and professional success of those around her.  Roseanne makes a lasting impression in every setting, whether a team training or individual coaching.  She is truly exceptional and an asset to any company!”

Agatha Rymanowska
Conversant, Inc.
VP Client Integration